Kami adalah penerbit, pencetak dan pengedar majalah, akhbar dan novel yang terbesar di Malaysia dan telah beroperasi di Malaysia sejak lebih dari 30 tahun lalu. Kami menerbit Al-Quran, Sinar Harian, hampir 30 majalah dan buku-buku dalam pelbagai kategori. Kami juga merupakan salah sebuah pencetak komersial yang terbesar dan mempunyai mesin-mesin percetakan dan penjilidan yang tercanggih di Malaysia. Ekoran daripada perkembangan perniagaan kami dan peningkatan yang memberangsangkan maka kami dengan ini mempelawa individu yang berminat dan mempunyai kelayakan bagi mengisi kekosongan berikut:

  • 1. exec videogpraher/editor
    Lokasi: shah alam


    • Boleh kendalikan video kamera & penataan cahaya.
    • Bertanggungjawab menyedia & menguruskan peralatan berkaitan
    • Mempunyai kemahiran dalam menyunting video.


    Min 1 thn pengalaman bekerja dlm bidang berkaitan, diutamakan kpd yg bekebolehan myunting video guna sftwr Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effect & lain2 perisian video

  • 2. exec videogpraher/editor
    Lokasi: shah alam

    To be part of the video production team; to shoot as well to edit and flow video contents, thus to produce end product, required and related video content production for Sinar Harian and other related groups

    Job Description:
    a.    Well-shot videos and editing in terms of composition, framing and exposure as well as equipment handling.
    b.    Creative and innovative in making of video products and ensure the well-edited contents to meet requirements including live streaming.
    c.    Responsible for making continuous research and effort to create creative / newsworthy contents based on the current / global trends / news.
    d.    Have the initiative to produce a quality product (video / audio) and be able to work in challenging situations.
    e.    Works closely with the creative team, editorials, video producers and motion Graphic Designer to deliver completed projects.
    f.    Develop a strong motion and visual sensibilities, manage deadlines and execute on-time and on-task,
    g.    Assisting and creating adequate video / news footage's according to projects and video programs.

  • 3. eksekutif akaun
    Lokasi: shah alam

    Kelayakan & Kelulusan:

    • 1. Responsible for all book keeping activities until to the production of financial report (P/L, TB and B/S)
      2. Performing activities in AR & AP function while ensuring accuracy in content and record.
      3. Maintain control in AR thought timely distribution of the month end statement to customer and communicating effectively with FM /credit control on the status of past due accounts. Must be in the position to be part of implementation of the integrating between the font end system and the accounting IFS, including reconciliation to general ledger accounts.
      4. Maintain control in AP and ensure smooth operation in the payment process in AP and expense voucher. Review of periodically suppliers statement to AP record and following up missing invoices.
      5. Completes bank reconciliation, including following up unknown receipts and write offs cheques that are not presented after 6 month from the payment date.
      6. Oversees stock material management including communicate constantly with people in the Material Division to ensure the accuracy in the stock ledger and the appropriate valuation in the stock costing.
      7. Perform other area miscellaneous accounting duties as requested bt senior / Accountant / FM such as costing ,budgeting, statement of cash flow or advance reporting using Excel.
      8. Assists and complete year end annual accounts necessary to be audited , including preparing analysis of item P/L and B/S for the purpose income tax computation.
      9. Familiarity of concepts and ensuring the financial report is prepared in accordance to applicable accounting standard.
  • 4. mobile app developer
    Lokasi: shah alam


    • Develop mobile apps
    • Debug, troubleshoot and fix issues in production environment by working with all stakeholders
    • Collaborate effectively with cross functional teams to deliver products and features
    • Demonstrate ability to multi-task and re-prioritize responsibilities based on changing requirements
    • Identify risks and devise mitigations to meet project schedules


    • Proven work experience as a Mobile developer with 2-3 years of experience
    • Demonstrable portfolio of released applications on the App Store or the Android market
    • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field
    • Good knowledge of object-oriented programming in iOS Swift (Advantage), Java and/or Kotlin
    • Experience in native Android / iOS development (Advantage)
    • Experience in integrating and troubleshooting third-party SDKs
    • Experience in developing SDK is an advantage
    • Experience in ionic is an advantage
    • Experienced in UI/UX is an advantage
    • Proactive and willing to learn new technology
    • Good team player
    • Well organized with good communication skills
    • Ability to successfully work under tight project deadlines
    • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git