Kami adalah penerbit, pencetak dan pengedar majalah, akhbar dan novel yang terbesar di Malaysia dan telah beroperasi di Malaysia sejak lebih dari 30 tahun lalu. Kami menerbit Al-Quran, Sinar Harian, hampir 30 majalah dan buku-buku dalam pelbagai kategori. Kami juga merupakan salah sebuah pencetak komersial yang terbesar dan mempunyai mesin-mesin percetakan dan penjilidan yang tercanggih di Malaysia. Ekoran daripada perkembangan perniagaan kami dan peningkatan yang memberangsangkan maka kami dengan ini mempelawa individu yang berminat dan mempunyai kelayakan bagi mengisi kekosongan berikut:

  • 1. eksekutif infrastruktur
    Lokasi: shah alam
    • Oversee all maintenance and repair of HVAC system, monitor HVAC controls and adjust set pints as needed. 
    • Oversee building maintenance contract and service works. 
    • Requisition building maintenance supplies, material and equipment 
    • Respond to public inquiries in a courteous manner. 
    • Keep and update monthly infrastructure maintenance records. 
    • Monitor maintenance of office equipment. 
    • Plan, organize and execute administration and property special task. 
    • Submit monthly and periodical report, analysis, proposal or recommendation for overall administration & property improvement.
    • Ensure that the license and taxation companies are updated and paid on the appointed date by PBT. 
  • 2. it executive (application support)
    Lokasi: shah alam


    • Providing daily user support in terms systems application and software
    • Providing assistance to the technical support team when required
    • Providing application and software training as well documentation
    • Ensuring smooth information system operation
    • Troubleshoot and resolve system related issues when required
    • Assisting in new system implementation and upgrade


    • Diploma / Degree in Computer Science, ICT or related. 
    • Minimum 1 year working experience in the related field.
    • Experience in Technical and System Support.
    • Familiar with installing and configuration of Windows / Mac PCs.
    • Able to troubleshoot issues based on symptoms
    • Able to interact with end-users.
    • Willing to work on shifts
  • 3. eksekutif pre-press printing (graphic)
    Lokasi: shah alam
    1. To ensure the Pre-Press is performing at the highest quality level in terms of product and customer service.
    2. To observe and plan the production schedule, quality report in the Pre-Press area.
    3. To ensure the smooth operation in the Pre-Press area.
    4. To ensure information needed for the job is complete. E.g. ERP, dummy & layout.
    5. To observe the job docket and ensure that all jobs done follow information in the ERP system. 
    6. To arrange weekly Pre-Press production meeting when needed.
    7. To ensure the optimum productivity level in Pre-Press Unit.
    8. To reduce unnecessary wastage, errors, etc.
    9. To ensure the cleanliness of the Pre-Press area, and quality control method in place is being adhered to.
    10. To troubleshoot Processor & CTP machines when needed.
    11. To observe that maintenance schedule is being adhered to.
    12. To keep update in the area of Pre-Press and Printing Technology.
    13. To communicate to customer/sales to ensure no miscommunication.
    14. To train and to enhance skill of CTP Operator.
    15. To observe and uphold the employee discipline at all time.
    16. To report any problem to Senior Executive.
    17. To ensure no waiting for plate by printing machine.
    18. To ensure plate waste is reduced as derived inside ISO objective.
    19. To minimize mistake from PDF, plates and any other resources.
    20. To do any other tasks assigned by the Operation Manager or top management.
  • 4. editor buku pendidikan (agama)
    Lokasi: shah alam
    1. To commission writers
    2. To make sure manuscripts are received from writers according to scheduled date
    3. To monitor the progress of the handled titles
    4. To manage titles to be published on time
    5. To survey and propose new titles
    6. To do benchmark on titles/ To do postmortem on titles published
    7. To edit titles
    8. To proofread titles
    9. To check CTP
    10. To prepare cover brief as coordinator series
    11. To check cover for handled titles
    12. To actively communicate with writers
    13. To involve in book fairs, carnivals, and road tour if needed.
    14. To involve in government text book tenders.
    15. To promote products in social media